Private Events


Why hire us?


Do you want to offer your guests a unique, fun and memorable experience that they won’t forget anytime soon? Then SugaRush can help deliver exactly that! With our one of a kind alcoholic Cocktails, Milkshakes and Slush puppies, a selection of pick ‘n’ mix sweets, we offer a drinking experience like no other, at affordable prices!

Price Plans for private events are either a Cash Bar OR a Pre-Paid Bar, both options are subject to a minimum spend commitment.

Cash Bar


This is where we come and set up at your event with all the necessary stock and staff and your guests can pay for their drinks over the bar by either cash or card payments.

Pre-Paid Bar


This is where you can put any amount of money behind the bar to provide complimentary drinks for your guests, once this is used up you can either top it up or we can turn into a cash bar.

Minimum spend commitment


We require a minimum spend commitment from the organiser to cover the difference if the guests/bar tabs do not exceed the minimum spend, where the minimum spend is hit then there is no extra costs.

What are Private Events?

Private events include events such as  birthday parties, weddings and other special occasions.