Corporate Events


why hire us?


Whether it’s to treat your staff, clients or partners to your quarterly drinks or your Christmas Party, SugaRush offers a sweet treat for all that will leave a lasting impression! We will bring the party to you along with a fully operational bar and staff.

Price Plans for corporate events are either a Cash Bar OR a Pre-Paid Bar, both options are subject to a minimum spend commitment.

Cash Bar


This is where we come and set up at your event with all the necessary stock and staff and your guests can pay for their drinks over the bar by either cash or card payments.

Pre-paid bar & token bar


A pre-paid bar is where you can put any amount of money behind the bar to provide complimentary drinks for your guests, once this is used up you can either top it up or we can turn into a cash bar.


A token bar is similar to a pre-paid bar, however, you decide how many complimentary drinks you’d like to offer per guest i.e two drinks per guest. You provide your guests with tokens to claim their free drinks. We can then turn into a cash bar if needed. 

We can provide drink tokens if required, to limit the amount of drinks per guest (with a maximum limit of up to 6 drinks per guest). The event host can decide the max drink limit per guest prior to the event (the tokens are loyalty card style, where we stamp boxes as & when drinks are redeemed).

Printing of tokens - POA 

Minimum spend commitment

We require a minimum spend commitment from the organiser to cover the difference if the guests/bar tabs do not exceed the minimum spend, where the minimum spend is hit then there is no extra costs. 

What are corporate events?

Corporate events include events for staff or clients, and school or university events.